On October 23, 2020, Colonial Radio Group, Inc., tendered an application with the Federal Communications Commission seeking assignment of the licenses and authorizations of FM Station WUDE, 96.7 mHz, Portville, NY, and FM translators W256BS, 99.1 mHz, Olean, NY, W254BQ 98.7 mHz, Olean NY and W285ES, 104.9 mHz, Olean, NY to SOUTHERN BELLE, LLC.  The officers, directors and 10% or greater shareholder of Colonial Radio Group, Inc. are Jeffrey Andrulonis and Christy Andrulonis.    Southern Belle, LLC is a limited liability company whose sole member is The Kristin Cantrell Family Trust. The sole trustee of The Kristin Cantrell Family Trust is Judith M. Confer and its beneficiary is Kristin Cantrell who is also the President of Southern Belle, LLC.

                A copy of the application and related materials is available for public inspection at

LAST UPDATED 10/25/2020


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