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Bragg Radio

News and Information for the Fort Bragg military community.



Smiling Man

Chris Russell

6am - 12noon

She's as refreshing as an ice-cold glass of sweet tea on a southern summer afternoon--she's Sweet Tea...heard afternoons right here on Carolina Country!  Born the daughter of poor sharecroppers in Greenville, South Carolina, Sweet Tea first whistled "Dixie" at the tender age of two and then learned to speak Southern-ese.  She received the finest education money could buy at the Hickory Tavern Elementary School, where she received A grades in coloring and English as a Second Language.  During high school, she was crowned Miss South Carolina Peach Queen and surveyed her realm from the top of the Gaffney Peach Water Tower along I-85 that was made famous in the House of Cards TV show.  After high school, Sweet Tea majored in Pom-Poms in college and now entertains YOU every afternoon right here on Carolina Country! 

When not on the air, Sweet Tea works as the Director of Fun for Andrulonis Media, making sure that everybody is having fun.  In her free time, Sweet Tea gigs catfish (served pecan-crusted), shops from the Lilly Pulitzer catalog, and practices making her sneezes more polite.  A little Sweet Tea solves every problem the world has ever known!

Jimmy G

12noon - 6pm

Hey! Writing a bio about yourself is always hard soooo here are the basics. My name is Jimmy G and I love my job! Having the ability to try and make someone’s morning is something I have a ton of passion about. You’ll hear almost anything on my show, trending news, local news, country music news, the weird news of the day, the national holiday & of course 40 minute Carolina Country Music Marathons! It is all about having fun, laughing, getting informed and enjoying the music! I also love to point out the ridiculousness of life!!

 started my radio journey at West Virginia University, spent some time in Kentucky hosting an afternoon show on a rock station and now I am at one of the best and most unique markets in the country, Myrtle Beach. Growing up on a beach in New Jersey, It feels great to be able to work and lay on the beach in the same day. We have it made!!  I enjoy being in the ocean, watching the Sopranos and cheering on WVU/ Philadelphia sports. I have traveled to many places but the city of Nashville, TN is my favorite! 

I hope to see you out and about at all the LIVE events we do throughout the Grand Strand. Next time you see me, come say hello and I promise we will have an awesome conversation! 


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